Who Are We?

The DGPOSM is a non-profit, vendor neutral, association of business, IT and data professionals dedicated to advancing the discipline of data governance.

What is Our Objective?

The objective of the DGPOSM is to provide a forum that fosters discussion and networking for members and to encourage, develop and advance the skills of members working in the data governance discipline.

What is Data Governance?

"A discipline that provides clear-cut policies; procedures; standards; roles; responsibilities; and accountabilities to ensure that data is well-managed as an enterprise resource."

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Upcoming DGPO Events


Event: Development & Implementation of a Scalable, Formalized Data Governance Structure at New York-Presbyterian Hospital
Date: July 6, 2016
Time: 2PM ET
Where: Online
Register: CLICK HERE 
Development & Implementation of a Scalable, Formalized Data Governance Structure at New York-Presbyterian Hospital

New York-Presbyterian has spent two years developing Data Governance as part of its broader analytic strategy. With an enterprise composed of three corporately independent institutions, we've encountered interoperability challenges similar to other health systems, further compounded by our highly matrixed yet independent organizations and associated infrastructures. In laying the foundation for advanced analytics and population health, we developed a governance strategy that shifted us away from heavy reliance on ad hoc reporting and point solutions (often troubled with inconsistencies, inefficiencies, or inaccessible data) and towards organization and transparency. Our new formalized structure promotes open communication and collaboration by centralizing & standardizing metrics, terminology and other resources online.

Kate Pavlovich
Director of Strategy & Data Analytics at New York-Presbyterian Hospital (NYP)

Kate Pavlovich is the Director of Strategy & Data Analytics at New York-Presbyterian Hospital (NYP), a new role focused on creating the hospital's data governance infrastructure. This includes oversight and responsibility for developing Governance policies & processes, literacy programs & education and master data management. Prior to this role, she spent three years in Quality Improvement designing projects to improve patient flow and reduce patient length of stay. Kate received her Masters at Columbia's Mailman School of Public Health and her B.A. in Molecular Biology from Carleton College. She has also studied obesity & diabetes as a clinical researcher at Columbia and lived in Tanzania doing community development.

Tran Q. Ly
Data Strategist at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital (NYP)

Tran Q. Ly is a Data Strategist at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, primarily involved in the current implementation a formalized data governance structure. This initiative includes mapping systems architecture, terminology standardization, master data management, and other endeavors centered on advancing data literacy, data integrity, and a data driven culture. Tran previously worked in population health management, healthcare data analytics, and life science strategy consulting. She has a Masters in Infectious Disease Epidemiology from Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health, a Masters in Science Education also from Columbia, and a Bachelor’s in Biological Sciences from the University of California, at Irvine. Tran has spent time advocating for Asian American Pacific Islander community issues, and is also dedicated to promoting gender diversity in data science and other data driven fields.



Upcoming Conferences


Event: The Data Governance Financial Services Conference
Date: September 8-9, 2016
Where: Jersey City, NJ
Discount Code: $100 discount when attending one day; $150 when attending two days (Member's Only section)
Register: CLICK HERE

The ONLY conference dedicated entirely to data governance and financial services.

Join us for real world case studies, presentations and tutorials from the experts and successful data governance practitioners. Sessions designed for the experienced data governance professional as well as for beginners. Takeaways that can be used immediately at your organization.


DGPO Working Groups

Data Governance Best Practices (DGBP) from the DGPO Best Practices Working Group

Visit the DGPO Members Only page to access our very first publication of the DGPO Data Governance Best Practices.  We have grouped the Best Practices into Categories (Getting Started, Organization, Processes, Metrics and Communications), with coverage in over 50 different topic areas.  Please be advised that we are continuing to iterate and refine these Best Practices over time.



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